How do I find comparable sales to present as evidence to the Board of Review?

A professional appraisal may be presented as evidence to the Board of Review, but you should be aware that this may not necessarily influence a change in your assessment. We encourage our petitioners to also look for their own comparable sales to supplement their case. Our sales study for the current tax year can be found on the Assessor page and is a great source for starting the comparison process. You can also check with your realtor and see if they can find comparable sales for you. These sales would have to take place on or before December 31 of the previous year. Our public records database can be utilized to aid you in finding the differences between your property and the comparable sales. When comparing sales, you will need to look for similarities and differences between your property and the sales to find the closest matches to your property; make note of these differences for presentation at your appointment: 

  • Proximity of comparable home to yours
  •  Age of home 
  • Type of home (compare 1 story to 1 story, 2 story to 2 story, etc) 
  • Finished square footage of home (make adjustments to your comparables as needed to determine value) 
  • Foundation type (crawl, slab, basement, etc) 
  • Basement finish (unfinished or finished) 
  • Number of bathrooms and bathroom extras 
  • Kitchen built-ins 
  • Fireplaces 
  • Garage and outbuildings (size and finish quality) 
  • Size of decks, patios, and porches 
  • Additional amenities and land improvements 
  • Land value differences (waterfront, water view, lot size, location, and topography) 

Make sure you bring a copy of your evidence for the Board to keep. If you do not bring a copy for the board, we will need to charge a copy fee. For the current sales study, please visit the assessor page.

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