Utilities Committee


  • John Dorset, Chairman
  • Rose Drouillard, BTBT Liaison
  • Bob Kittridge, Secretary 
  • Josh Khan
  • Peter Lyon, Vice Chairman
  • H.E. "Bud" Prine

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.


The Utilities Committee was originally formed in 1998 to study the possibilities of providing sanitary sewers in various areas of the Township. At that time certain areas were circulating petitions asking the Township Board to consider establishing Special Assessment Districts for purposes of funding, then construction.

Special Assessment Districts

The Special Assessment Districts were formed, bonds sold by the County, and contractors hired. At this time the new sanitary sewer system is "under construction."

Responsibilities& Name Change

In 2004 with the purchase of a 1/3 interest in the Livingston Community Water Authority, the Charter Township of Brighton added duties to the "Sewer Committee" to act as an advisory body on issues dealing with a then-proposed water system. The name was changed to that of Utilities Committee.

The Utilities Committee continues the task of monitoring construction-related issues, ongoing operational issues of the two systems, and generally advising the Township board on various utility issues.