Pay Tax & Sewer Bills Online

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Point & Pay is a service the Charter Township of Brighton has contracted with, in order to assist residents within Brighton Township in making tax and sewer payments online or over the phone.

All online payments will include a fee charged by Point & Pay for the use of their service. This fee is based on a percentage of the total amount of the payment you are making online. In the case of an e-check or check over the phone, a flat fee is charged. The number to make a tax payment over the phone with credit card is 855-839-7018 or for a check over the phone, call 888-891-6064 and press option 1. To pay sewer bills over the phone, call 855-839-7019

Tax Bill Payments

The tax link will prompt you to sign in or search for your parcel by clicking “Tax Information Search.” Once your parcel is found, double click to open the details and click the “Pay Tax Bill Now” link in order to make payment on that parcel. You will be prompted to enter the necessary remaining card or check information. Parcels with current tax bills listed as “paid” will not offer this option.

Sewer Bill Payments

The utilities link will take you directly to the BS&A Utility Billing Online Payment Service for Brighton Township. Please read the comments and follow Steps 1 through 3 in order to make payment. Please note: These payments are for Brighton Township sewer only. This page cannot be used to pay tax or another government entity.